Composing a Classical Argument Essay

Classic Argument Essay

Classical argument essays pertain to the basic structure of argument essays that is followed when writing essays, editorials and position papers. This type of essay is categorized as classical because it denotes a formal organization and structuring of arguments. The logical presentation of these facts allows the readers to follow the flow of thought and ideas in a systematic manner. The organization is also fashioned in a way where there is smooth transition from one issue to another. These factors affect the influence that the composition can impart to the readers. Classical argument essays typically have five parts: introduction, narration, confirmation, refutation and conclusion. In the introduction portion, writers should be able to set up the subject of the argumentation to gain the attention and interest of the readers. This is critical because …

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A very useful guide on argumentative essay writing. Though it's targeted at the undergraduate students it will be usefull for other students as well.

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