Different Argumentative Essay Formats

Argumentative Essay Format

Argumentative essay is a type of formal writing which aims to support a concept or an idea thru a series of evidences against a conflicting concept also presented in the paper. To make it simple, an argumentative essay is like a debate written on paper. Unlike the usual essay format which consists of an introduction, main body and a conclusion, an argumentative essay format follows different concept organizations and development, such as those enumerated below: Argumentative Essay Format 1: Alternation The essay begins with the introduction of the topic or issue at hand and the supported argument or position. The body consists of presentation of the supported concept backed by evidences, followed by the contradicting concept similarly supported by evidences. The points of view for each concept are arranged in alternating fashion, wherein …

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A very useful guide on argumentative essay writing. Though it's targeted at the undergraduate students it will be usefull for other students as well.

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